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Example Syllabi

In this class, we will analyze the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan through a different lens every week--racism, queerness, gender and misogyny, etc--by reading and watching supplementary academic material. We will also look at the myths Rick utilizes in his books and compare them to the original stories from Greco-Roman antiquity, evaluating the effectiveness and purpose of such adaptations. 


In this class, we will unpack and analyze all things Taylor Swift, approaching the influence of this pop culture icon through an educational lens. We will study her lyrics, compositions, music videos, aesthetic choices, interviews, and other related media to successfully determine what has made her so iconic, and what it is about her that continues to speak to people across generations and across the globe.


This class will teach the fundamentals of tap dance vocabulary and history, as well as dive deeper into more complex techniques, concepts, and choreography. We will focus on style, musicality, improvisation and performance, which are vital skills for all dancers.


In this class, we explore the relationship between queerness and fanfiction, understanding the ways fanfiction and
fandoms came to be, and how women and queer individuals carried and continue carrying these communities.


This class is designed to give an overview of some basic makeup techniques and products and to examine the history behind makeup and what the industry looks like now. We will learn basic skills like how to apply foundation and concealer, how to get the perfect lip shade, and how to apply false eyelashes, all the way up to more advanced techniques like cut crease eyeshadow and drag makeup.


In this class, students will learn about full-spectrum doula work, abortion laws in the state of Ohio and the United States, and the Reproductive Justice movement. The second half of the course serves to teach students about different forms of doula work surrounding various birth outcomes and what forms of support are still being offered and being developed after the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

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