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There are many ways for Oberlin students to get involved in ExCo. Since its inception, students have designed and taught courses, performed ExCo-learned skills at school-wide events, discovered new passions, and served as paid members on our governing board (a.k.a. the ExCo Committee). 

Where else but ExCo can undergrads teach a full-credit course? The deadline for Fall teaching is in March of the previous year; the deadline for Spring teaching is in September. 


Guides & Helpful Resources


Courses can be taken or taught for credit, but we are unfortunately unable to financially compensate non-students for teaching courses through ExCo at this time. Up to eight co-curricular credits can be counted towards general credit requirements, but ExCo courses cannot officially count towards divisional requirements. ExCo courses can be offered for either one or two credits.


If students wish not to take a class for credit, they may also audit. Auditing provides students with an opportunity to broaden their education by attending courses in which they might not otherwise enroll.


"ExCo has allowed me to share my knowledge and passion with my classmates at Oberlin College. While I learn how to be a instructor in ways of using power points, public speaking, and facilitating discussions, I also learn how to transition from a student to a teacher.”

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