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Our Team

The Largest Student-Run Accredited Academic Department in the Country!

The ExCo Committee

Comprised of 4-6 current Oberlin students--one of whom acts as Chair of the department--the ExCo Committee maintains and oversees the Experimental College.

Members of the Committee perform a variety of functions to maintain the ExCo Program, including evaluating course proposals, interviewing prospective instructors, planning and hosting the ExCo Fair, allocating SFC funds to instructors, working with administration to affect policy, and selecting the final courses offered each semester.

The ExCo Committee also makes itself available to all students and community members taking an ExCo course or interested in teaching one. Anyone with questions or concerns may always meet with a member of the Committee to address their course and brainstorm potential solutions. Individual contact information and weekly in-person office hours are listed below. An asterisk * means meetings are by appointment only! 

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