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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

When can I apply to teach a class?

ExCo course application season is held twice in an academic year: once in the fall for the next spring semester; once in the spring for the next school year fall semester. For instance, if you are wanting to teach a course in Fall 2023, you would apply in Spring of 2023. All application updates, materials, and information will usually be posted here on our website, Instatgram, Facebook, Twitter, and around the Oberlin campus & community via posters. It's a good idea to prepare ahead of time, and you can do so by looking at example syllbi, reading some of our helpful guides, and looking at application requirements too. 

Has my class been taught before? What happens if it has?

You can ask a committee member via email, or simply visit this handy list to find out if your class has been taught before. If it has...great! That means there is a precedent for your chosen topic/skill/etc here at Oberlin, and the ExCo Committee might be able to send you copies of old syllabi to help guide your own as you embark on the journey of creating and teaching a class. 

Do I get paid for teaching a class?

No, instructors do not receive financial compensation for teaching an ExCo. However, if the instructor is a current student at Oberlin College, they can receive academic credit towards their diploma. The only paid position in the ExCo Department is a Member of the ExCo Committee.

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