ExCo Through Time (Page Still Under Construction) 

Spring 1968

Fall 1968



The International Affairs Committee announced a $250 grant to develop a course in international studies.

The Experimental College debuts at Oberlin with a whopping 5 classes.

The Oberlin Review reported on how “Feminist Theatre, Women in Art, a women writer’s group, and Automechanics” were offered through ExCo.

Community members begin to get involved in taking and teaching ExCos. The ExCo Committee that year hoped “that involvement of persons not affiliated with Oberlin College will ease some of the  friction now apparent between the College and the town”.



Robyn Gittleman from the Tufts University Experimental College declared that “what works well for one school does not necessarily work equally well for others”, attributing the rapid growth of and sustained participation in the absolutely student-run Oberlin ExCo Program as something unique to the ethos of the student population at Oberlin.

The Multicultural Resource Center created a grant to develop an ExCo directed toward first years.