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Syllabus Guide

The Makings of a Good Syllabus

A course syllabus is the main form of communication between teachers and students about objectives, content, and requirements. Your syllabus is the most important part of your application.

In order to get your class approved, your syllabus (usually) must:

  • Cover the 12-week semester, listed week by week

  • State topics/activities for each class meeting

  • State assignments and readings with page numbers and when they are due

  • Provide at least one discussion question for each class meeting (if the course is discussion based)

  • State and describe the methods of evaluation and when they are due

  • Clearly state the attendance policy (ExCo attendance policy is that in order to pass, a student cannot miss 25% or more of classes, which means a student could miss at most 3 classes in a weekly ExCo)

  • ExCos that require some kind of physical activity must have a statement clearly and specifically describing what the physical requirements expected of their students will be (i.e. Students must be able to be on their feet for 1 hour and lift loads of up to 15 lbs)

Suggested Sections 

Basic Information

  • Course title, course number, and number of credits

  • Instructor’s full name, pronouns

  • Instructor’s email address, office hours (if applicable)

  • Class meeting time and place

  • Materials needed and course fee (if applicable)

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