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Applying to the ExCo Committee

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The Application Process

The application cycle for the ExCo Committee is a little less definitive than course application periods. This is due to the various year-levels of our committee members, and the timing at which they graduate or study abroad. That being said, it is always a good idea to keep your eye on this page and our social medias to see when we might be hiring. 

When we are hiring, the process consists of an application form with basic info and short paragraph written-response questions. After reviewing all the submissions, the Committee will decide who they wish to reach out to for an interview. Interviews typically last 20-30 minutes, with all current Committee Members present to ask questions and get to know you and how you might fit into our team! 

Overall, when applying for the ExCo Committee, it is best to be thinking about why you love ExCo, how you see it playing into your Oberlin and future career, any ideas you have for improvement, and ways you would be able to contribute to the department in consideration to your skill set.* Mostly, we want to see your passion! Oberlin's ExCo is unlike any other program in the entire country because of our entirely-student composed Committee. It is imperative Committee Members recognize the opportunity we've been given, and actively prioritize & display commit to our wonderful, wacky Experimental College. 

*Sometimes the Committee hires only for specific roles like Treasurer or Coder. 

Applications Open Now!

Click the link below to open the form; don't forget to sign up for an interview as well :)

Who Can Apply?

Any current Oberlin student of any year can apply to be on the ExCo Committee. We especially love to see underclassman applicants; the sooner in your Oberlin career you join the Committee, the more time you have to grow with the program and leave your mark. 

You are not required by any means to have taught an ExCo in order to apply. That being said, we hope you have taken at least a couple ExCos, so we know you understand how special it is :) 

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